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Bouquet of yellow daisies

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زهرة الأقحوان الصفراء: 35 قطعة لدينا اقتراح رائع لمشاركة سعادة أصدقائك الرائعين الذين هم دائمًا معك في أجمل لحظاتك الخاصة والجميلة: باقة زهور الإقحوانات الصفراء. بألوانها المنعشة ، ستفتح هذه الإقحوانات قلب الجميع.



Yellow chrysanthemum flower: 35 pieces

We have a great proposal to share the happiness of your wonderful friends who are always with you in your most beautiful and special moment: a bouquet of yellow daisies. With their fresh colors, these daisies will win everyone’s heart!

Yellow daisy symbolizes happiness, joy and friendship.
You can present this elegant arrangement on your friends birthday, on the happiest days of your friends who are new parents, on their new beginnings like a new job and make them happy.
yellow tulips are arranged in an elegant package; It will give positive energy to the person you gift it to.

Product content: 35-40 yellow daisies
Note: The flowers in the arrangement may be in different colors and sizes depending on stock availability. Additionally, some flowers may be sent closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions. The closed flowers open within one to two days at room temperature.


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