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Infinite Love Bouquet

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الورود البيضاء: 19 قطعة
أنيقة ، براقة ونبيلة … عبر عن كل مشاعرك التي تريد إخبار حبيبك بها بأكثر الطرق خصوصية بالورود البيضاء. جرب السعادة في عمل لفتة خاصة جدًا لمن تحب تجعل حياتك ذات مغزى مع باقة الورد الأبيض اللامتناهي ، المكونة من 19 وردة بيضاء ، ملفوفة بورق أبيض خاص ومزينة بالجبس والخضرة.



White roses: 19 pieces
Elegant, glamorous and noble… Express all your feelings that you want to tell your lover in the most special way with white roses. Experience the happiness of making a very special gesture for your loved one that makes your life meaningful with this infinity white rose bouquet, made up of 19 white roses, wrapped in special white paper and decorated with gypsum and greenery!

If you want to give a big smile to your loved ones, you have found the package you are looking for.
White flower; It symbolizes innocence and clarity. It is a very thoughtful flower for gift giving to someone who reminds you of these sweet sentiments.
It is an arrangement that makes special days more beautiful and ordinary days special.
Product dimensions: 35 cm.
Product content: 19 white roses.

Note: The flowers in the arrangement may be in different colors and sizes depending on stock availability. Additionally, some flowers may be sent closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions.


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