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Colorful tulips bouquet

$ 17,39

أقحوان أبيض: 15 قطعة
ديزي أصفر: 10 قطع
ديزي وردي: 10 قطع.



White chrysanthemum: 15 pieces
Yellow daisy: 10 pieces
Pink daisy: 10 pieces
Flowers work to express some feelings. So, what does the chrysanthemum symbolize? The daisy flower symbolizes a pure and clean heart. Daisy is an expression of love. If you are also looking for a gift to express your love but can’t find it, then this colorful tulips bouquet is the perfect gift for you. If you are happy even when you imagine the big smile that will appear on your face when you see colorful daisies, think about the moment you take those daisies in your hands!

The white chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of purity and innocence. While the yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes happiness, joy and friendship; The pink chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of love, romance and gentleness.
daisies; It is a flower that everyone loves with its scent as well as a visual feast created with its wonderful colors and shape.
You can add so much joy to your loved one’s day that you want to make them happy in all the special days or ordinary days and you can create big smiles on their faces.
Product content: 16 white chrysanthemums, 12 yellow chrysanthemums, and 12 pink chrysanthemums.

Note: Some flowers may be sent in a bouquet closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions. The closed flowers open within one to two days at room temperature.


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