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A bouquet of roses for my one and only love

$ 38,00

جز العشب الأخضر 60 قطعة
الورود الصفراء 7 قطع
اسم المنتج: باقة أزهار ماي أونلي لوف



Green lawn mowers 60 pieces
yellow roses 7 pieces

This bouquet, which we have prepared with a striking harmony of green roses and yellow roses in a wicker texture, has a beauty that allows your loved one to experience spring and summer in his soul! If you are the only person in your life, “You are the sun of my life!” If you want to convey and impress your message, you can choose this flower arrangement called My Only Love Flower Bouquet. That’s how easy it is to spice up her life, make her happy and keep her smiling all the time!

Note: Some flowers in this Unique Love Bouquet may be sent closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions. The closed flowers open within one to two days at room temperature.


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