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Pink White Dream

$ 19,00

الزنابق الوردية: 4 قطع
جربيرا الأبيض: قطعتان
أبيض ديزي: 12 قطعة
تقريبًا حجم المنتج: 25 سم




For rose lilies: 4 pieces
White Gerbera: 2 Pieces
White Daisy: 12 pieces
Product Size Approx: 25cm

Add happiness to the most beautiful moments with your flower. Prepared from pink lilies and white gerberas garnished with gypsophila and greenery in a cone-shaped glass vase, Pink and White Dream is a one-of-a-kind arrangement that will make your loved ones happy.

Note: Lilies may be shipped closed due to seasonal conditions. Indoor lilies bloom at room temperature and within a day or two.


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