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Fluffy plush bear and orange Kalanchoe flower

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دب برتقالي بحجم 5.5 سم صغير: قطعة واحدة
يجب أن يرتبط تقديم هدية وكذلك تلقي هدية بالسعادة! نحن نعلم أنك تفكر في شراء الزهور أو هدية لطيفة في يومك الخاص. فلماذا لا كلاهما معًا؟ تعتبر هذه المجموعة من حيث المظهر ومن ثم الجاذبية أفضل هدية لأحبائك.



Giving a gift as well as receiving a gift should be associated with happiness! We know you are thinking of buying flowers or a nice gift on your special day. So why not both? In terms of outward appearance and attractiveness, this set is the best gift for your loved ones!

It is an arrangement consisting of a mixture of orange Kalanchoe blossoms on a natural tree trunk.
Kalanchoe blooms in four seasons. It is a species belonging to the succulent family, its broken branches and flowers sprout again.
The plush bear that comes with the arrangement will make your gift unforgettable after a long time.


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