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A set of 50 red roses

$ 29,00

وردة حمراء: 50 قطعة
اسم المنتج: باقة من 50 وردة حمراء



Item content: 50pcs red roses

Love is not a feeling that always knocks on the door and is always with you, but once it knocks on the door, it never leaves you. If you love that special someone irresistibly, sending a bundle of 50 red roses will be the special gift you should send. Because sending 50 roses to someone means “I can never resist your love or your love.” If you want to make that person happy and feel your love, you can take advantage of fast shipping and various payment benefits by creating an order on Tulipa delivery, and you can make your gift even more special by adding a few special words to your gift.

Note: Some flowers may be sent in a bouquet closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions. The closed flowers open within one to two days at room temperature.


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