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Vase with white tulips

$ 20,86

وايت ديزي:
من المتوقع أن يتم الرد على 40 قطعة من أبراج ديزي: هل تعجبها أم لا؟ من غير المعروف مدى دقة نتيجة الاختبار هذه ، ولكن مع باقة من الإقحوانات العطرة التي سترسلها ، لن يضطر أحبائك إلى طرح هذا السؤال على ثروات الأقحوان.



White Daisy:
Expected to answer 40 daisy towers: does she like it or not? It is not known how accurate this test result is, but with the bouquet of fragrant daisies you will send, your loved ones will not have to ask this question to the chrysanthemum fortunes!

You can choose it for all special occasions or on days you want to make it special with a gift.
The white chrysanthemum flower is an elegant flower that can reflect all the beautiful feelings that it symbolizes on the other side.
In addition to the visual feast it provides with its colors, daisies attract everyone with their scent and carry the country breeze into every environment they are in.
Product contents: conical vase, 40 white chrysanthemum flowers.

Note: The flowers in the arrangement may be in different colors and sizes depending on stock availability. Additionally, some flowers may be sent closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions.


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