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Red Rose: 60 Pieces
If you have the same view of the problems with the person you are with, and the solutions you find are the same; If you feel love when you look into her eyes, longing when you look at her lips, and love when you touch her cheek and skin, then rose is the right choice. If you look at it with love even when you’re the opposite, and every move reminds you of love, celebrate it with 60 roses! A beautiful bouquet of 60 red roses that will take your love to another dimension.

Red Rose; It represents great love. Love is big, too big to fit in words, phrases, and volumes. Nothing is enough to describe it, the only thing that understands its language are roses, a symbol of love, decorated with the most beautiful shade of red.
You can put a big smile on your lover’s face with an arrangement of 60 red roses, telling us that you see them as a source of life for you.
You can choose it on all special days, on dates that are worth celebrating, or on days that you want to embellish.
Note: Some flowers may be sent in a bouquet closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions. The closed flowers open within one to two days at room temperature.